Horseman’s Bookkeeper

P O Box 358, Chester WV 26034
Information regarding Horseman’s Bookkeeper policies.
304-387-8300 ext 8584
Fax: 304-387-8331

All accounts are required, by law, to have a signed W-9 (or W-BEN for foreign horseman), tax information sheet, on file prior to receiving information and/or funds from the account.

When calling in for a request and/or information on your account, you may be asked for your SS#, date of birth or address, or any combination of these items.  These are requested to ensure we are speaking with the authorized person on this account.  It is for your security.  PLEASE NOTE, ALL PARTNERSHIPS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE AN AUTHORIZED AGENT LICENSE ON FILE WITH THE WV RACING COMMISSION IN ORDER FOR US TO RELEASE FUNDS.

If your horse won its race or went to the test barn as a “special” your funds will be held pending a clean test anywhere from seven to ten days following your race.  Check requests/transfers may not be made on the account if the test is pending or funds are on hold.  You must confirm that your test results are negative before requesting funds.
Once we have proper information for your account, you may request a check up to the available balance in your account.

Checks can be ordered 24 hours a day (by phone) as long as a W-9 is on file and a pin# is set up.

Checks will generally be printed as follows:
Morning shift requests received on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday must be in by 10:30 a.m. and are usually available after the 4th race that evening.

Checks are not available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

All requests for Sunday checks must be in by 6:30 PM and will be available after the 4th race.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be occasions when checks will not be available.
All checks that are being mailed will be post marked the following day (Mon- Fri only).  If your check is mailed, and you have not received it, you must allow 14 days from the sent date before a stop payment can be issued and a new check written.  Please let us know if you would like us to provide you with a statement with your check.  We are happy to UPS checks if you provide us with an airbill.

If you write personal checks (including payroll checks) at Mountaineer and they are cleared through the bookkeeper, you must have funds in your account to clear these checks.  Checks for owners/trainers without funds will not be authorized to be cashed.  These funds will be held two weeks until the check has cleared our bank.  This may diminish your available balance.

At the end of each meet, you will receive notification if you have any fees due.  If unpaid within thirty (30) days of your notice, your information will be sent to the Stewards office for suspension of the account.  You account will remain suspended until all fees are paid.

Email is: [email protected]