The Mountaineer Park HBPA Benevolent Trust was established by the Mountaineer Park HBPA to provide health and welfare benefits to those on the backside. Those who qualify are eligible for up to $4,000 in benefits each year for members and $1,000 in benefits for dependent children.

For more information contact the Mountaineer Park HBPA Trust office at 304 387 9518



To become eligible to apply for the Trust, participant must have been licensed for the previous three (3) months at Mountaineer and, if a trainer, must start a minimum of three (3) times during each Quarter except the 1st Quarter and 16 starts per year. If you do not have 16 starts and you have been eligible and on the trust at for the previous 5 years you will need only 12 starts per year (3) times every (3) months except 1st quarter. If you do not have 16 starts by the end of the year, you will not be eligible for the trust the next year until you have reached the 16 starts. (If you do not start any horses in the three (3) month waiting period you will not be eligible until you have three (3) starts.) If you are already covered as a groom, etc., and you get a trainers license or if you are covered as a trainer and get a groom, etc. license, you will be covered without the waiting period. To continue coverage, you must then start at least (3) times every (3) months and a total of 16 starts per year (unless you qualify under the (12) starts.).

Trainers must meet above requirement in order to qualify their employees. 75% of trainer’s starts must be at Mountaineer Park while MP is racing.
Number of grooms who will be covered under a trainer will be on a sliding scale. (1 groom per 16 starts, 2 grooms per 32 starts, etc.)
Assistant trainers and grooms must be visibly working at Mountaineer full time for a trainer that has 75% of his starts at Mountaineer or 16 starts per employee to be covered under the Trust

Participants are required to list the type(s) of license they hold (exercise rider, pony, groom or groom/owner, hot walker, assistant trainer) on your application. The number of hours you work at that job or jobs must be shown on your application. Seventy-five percent (75%) of your working hours must be on this job.

If any participant leaves to race or work at another racetrack/training center, or any employment, for 60 days or more and returns to Mountaineer, eligibility must be re-established. If you just leave the area for 60 days or more and you do not work elsewhere, you will receive no benefits after 60 days until you return to Mountaineer and reach the required number of starts. If a Trainer is eligible by starts his employees are eligible.

Participants, other than trainer, must show proof of employment (A notarized affidavit of employment and notarized affidavit of earnings must be signed by the trainer and updated every three (3) months. You may present a 1099, W-2 or tax return for previous year to qualify.

Under certain circumstances, participants, other than a trainer, can complete an Affidavit of Eligibility verifying that 75% of their money earned is on the backside at Mountaineer. They also are required to complete an application. The Affidavit of Eligibility must be approved by a committee of three Trustees.

Owners are not covered on the Trust unless they are an eligible groom, pony person or exercise rider and work at least 75% of their time on the backside at Mountaineer. They can own a maximum of two (2) horses.

A non-paid spouse, including an owner, that is working as a WV licensed horsemen with thoroughbreds full time for an eligible spouse and meets all other eligibility requirements is eligible for the Trust. Eligibility is subject to verification by the Trust Board.


Trainer, assistant trainer, groom/owner, groom, hot walker, pony person & exercise rider. Anyone who exercises horses must have an exercise rider license.



TOTAL BENEFIT PER YEAR IS $4,000.00. Effective 1.1.10 there will be no carryover from the previous year. After becoming eligible, your benefits will be prorated beginning in the month you became eligible.

TOTAL BENEFIT PER EACH CHILD OF APPLICANT IS $1000.00. Effective 1.1.10 there will be no carryover from the previous year. (Can be used only for actual child medical/dental expenses; not parents medical insurance)

Regardless of age full time college students are only eligible for $1,000 in benefits.

$500 emergency fund for participants who are waiting for the three (3) months to become eligible.

The following changes will be effective 1.1.10:
No carryover from the previous year.

You must pay $ 10.00 co-pay to Doctors and Dentist for each visit.

You must pay $ 10.00 co-pay for each prescription. Prescription medication will be monitored for abuse and may be limited.

If there is an OTC (over the counter) medication, you must use it instead of a prescription medication.

There is still a $10.00 co-pay.

You must pay $ 50.00 co-pay for each emergency room visit to Hospital Emergency Room.

You must pay $ 20.00 co-pay for each Chiropractic/Acupuncture visit.

No elective dental cosmetic surgery will be covered with the exception of braces and dentures.

Life insurance is available to Eligible Licensees. It is your responsibility to apply for this policy. Applications are available in the trust office. The cost is deducted from your $4,000.00 per year.